Friday, January 20, 2012

Sexual Technique Series Bundle by Pleasure Mechanics

pleasure mechanics

Sex coaches work with individuals and couples (every couple is a team!) to help them become more fulfilled, happier and satisfied with their sex life. Sex Coaches provide confidential support, specific information, insight and friendly motivation to guide you along your path to more pleasure. We also give you specific physical practices (“workouts” but a lot more fun!) to help you develop the physical skills that will assist you in your goals. Sex, just like a sport, is a developed physical skill – both feeling more pleasure and being a better lover require specific skill sets. Many people are frustrated with their sex life, and all they need is to develop one or more skills that will transform the way they experience sex and intimacy.
Guide to Anal Play for Women: How to Enjoy Pleasurable Anal Stimulation
Discover how any woman can enjoy painless pleasurable anal play. Learn gentle warm-ups to relax the area and build up arousal. Discover how to create full orgasmic sensation with external stimulation, or build up intensity with skillful and graceful penetration with your fingers. Anal play can range from gentle internal touch to full penetration – and the whole range in between. All woman can enjoy anal play as part of a healthy sex life, without a single moment of pain or discomfort. We have distilled our thousands of hours of experience inmassage and sex education to bring you simple, effective techniques for more sexual pleasure.
Guide to Fingering: How to Touch a Woman for Fabulous Foreplay and Powerful Orgasms
Touch your lover’s most sensitive parts with skill and confidence. This video guide reveals how you can stimulate her entire sexual system using your hands to create an eroticexperience like no other. If you want to learn how to give women more powerful orgasms, or just want to explore new ways to pleasure your lover, this video guide is for you! You will discover the secrets of exploring the g-spot, female ejaculation and multiple orgasms. Stimulation with your hands can be part of highly pleasurable foreplay – or a complete sexual experience on its own. Learn techniques to pleasure her entire sexual system – warm-up strokes for the labia and vulva, highly arousing moves for her clitoris, and internal stimulation techniques to hit all the right spots!
Guide to Handjobs: How to Touch the Penis for Prolonged Arousal and Powerful Orgasms
Discover how to stimulate his most sensitive parts, using your hands for fabulous foreplay, prolonged arousal, and new orgasmic heights. Learn how to touch your lover’s penis with skill and confidence. This video guide reveals how to use your hands to create an eroticexperience like no other. Learn techniques for fabulous foreplay and beyond, building up his desire and arousal to new heights. You will learn strokes designed to create stronger erections, skills to prolong his arousal, and techniques to create intense pleasure and mind blowing orgasms. Discover how much pleasure you can give your lover – using just your hands to turn him on like never before. You’ll never think of handjobs the same way again.
Guide to Prostate Massage: How to Enjoy Pleasurable, Healthy Prostate Stimulation
Prostate massage is a highly pleasurable sexual activity that can add new dimensions to your sex life. Many men enjoy stronger erections and more orgasmic pleasure as a result of exploring prostate massage. If you want to explore the pleasures and benefits of prostate massage, this video guide is for you. Our stroke-by-stroke video guide allows you to learn these intimate skills in the privacy of your own home. We demonstrate effective techniques on lifelike replicas – so you can learn these explicit skills without any pornographic content. No frills, no fluff – just effective techniques for more pleasure. Discover the techniques and strategies for skilled, confident prostate massage. Learn relaxing warm-ups, arousing external strokes and internal prostate stimulation. You will be on your way to enjoying stronger erections, deeper pleasure, and more powerful orgasms.

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