Download Guide

  Download With Fileserve

  • Click on the download link 
  •  After that click on the button marked "Download File" as shown below
  • After that enter the spam code in the box that has been available and continue to click the Download File as shown below:

  • Wait for the countdown runs out of time as shown in the figure below:

  • After time expires, the countdown will appear like the picture below, select the button that has a slower download for free account (free) to proceed with the download.

  • If the image appears as below, you mean in order to wait a while longer to download.

  •  This usually occurs because of the lag time between the first download process with the next one, or the IP contained within a network that is doing the downloading process.

    • Good Luck

    * Note
    • If the download can not use the IDM, then;
    • Click Option on IDM>> select the File Types>> and enter in the box = MKV 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008
    • The bottom line extensions to be included in the box will be recognized by the IDM so that it will be downloaded with IDM

      Download with Filesonic

      Basically, download the FileSonic not vary much with the download in wupload and others.Here we have written in view steps to download at FileSonic :
      • Click on the link, once the page opens FileSonic site, then scroll (slide) to the bottom of the page to find the download button. Then click the button marked "Slow Download"

      • Then a little slide up it will show the number countdown and wait until 0s.

      • After that will appear to enter the spam box, the contents according to the letter that appears in the box at the time you have available and click the submit button.
      • After that will appear as below, then click the article "Start download now!"
      • The download process will be executed..

      Download With is a site to shorten links and also to hide the original link (hide the original link). Why hide, some say so as not rapidly removed by the server and partially..

      How to download a file that uses is easy, when the display appears below:

      So, just click the button (skip ad) which is located in the upper right corner as shown by the red arrows above. After the button dklik, then the next process will show the actual download site such as mediafire site or other sites. OK

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