Join File

How to Combine Files With HJ-Split
How to combine the results of fractions HJ Split files (.001, etc. ..), can be done as follows:

What to consider before menjoin file is make sure that no files are corrupt and also make sure that all files have the same name. If there is a different name then the join process will not work.
  • Run the program HJSplit.exe (no need to be installed), then will appear as below:
  • Then click Join:
  • Then click on the Input File and browse for the file you want merged (just the file extension .001 and the rest will automatically be extracted, but make sure all the files .001 to .00 x is in the same folder)
  • Click Start to begin the merge.
  • Be aware of time will join, the files will be detected only .001 while the .002 file and so will not be visible. But the .002 file and so on will automatically be part dijoin
  • If you are using Windows 7, then use HJSplit version 3.0 for use in win7
Applications can be downloaded HJSplit in here 

How To Extract Rar File 
Often the question arises why the file should be split into several parts so as to form the file part1, part2, part3 and so on. This is done because some servers for limiting the maximum size allowed in a single upload. Suppose that a server is only allowed once a 100MB maximum file upload. Though we will upload the file size reaches 450MB, what to do? Directly upload files of 450MB is, clearly impossible. The only way is to split the file up to 100MB / file, that file will be split into 5 parts to be uploaded on the server. It will form part 5 file is part1, part2, part3, part4 and part5.

PIn general, the last part file has a size smaller than before the same file size large.Example: Suppose the file there are 5 pieces of each:

 100 MB
 100 MB
 100 MB
 100 MB
 50 MB

Keep in mind, part1 to part4 size must be equal, if not as large as it stands to reason the file with a different size (usually smaller) is part of a corrupt file.

Keep in mind also that before committing the file extraction, make sure the file name on the back. Zip has all the same. If there is a different file name then it can cause failure of the extraction process.
The simplest step to extract the zip file downloaded from filesharing site is as follows:

Put all parts in a single file folder. Then change the name of each part becomes:

etc. ... according to the number of parts

After that just do the extraction. 
Extraction can be done with winrar or 7zip application.

How to do the extract is very easy. 
Apply the extract on one part then automatically file the other files will also be processed

If the above is still not available, try to time the extract with winrar, checklist Keep Broken Files section as shown below:

But remember this is the way of coercion because even though the corrupt file will still be extracted, so that if the big corrupt then the result is also not optimal, could be cut and other films partially