Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Sisters DVDRip with English Subtitles

a tale of two sisters

Su-Mi leaves the psychiatric hospital and arrives at her father’s house with her younger sister Su-yeon. They are met by their father, who seems strangely detached, and their stepmother, who seems to dislike Su-Mi and enjoys bullying her younger sister. While Su-Mi tries to stay protective of her younger sister, strange things start to occur in their house. It is now up to Su-Mi to try to figure out whether their house is haunted or if their stepmother is behind the strange occurrences or if this is a recurrence of her own psychological problems.

Psychological Thriller, Horror, and Drama, all at their best! Warning: Don’t watch this movie alone! This is a rarity among horror films that combines genuine human drama with spookiness. And it goes one better in presenting a labyrinthine plot that twists and turns at every dark corner all set the stage for a riveting and often terrifying guessing game of a movie. This film is probably the creepiest/ most beautiful film I have seen in years… Better than all the Ringu’s, Ju-on’s and Jian Gui’s together! See this masterpiece before Hollywood destroys it.

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