Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yakuza Busting Girls: Duel In Hell (2010) DVDRip

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Asami returns exausted after three years of intense training to become a yakuza hunter. She decides to visit her old master, Inokuma (Sakichi Sato), who runs a bar. However, she finds his place in ruins and nothing is as it was when she left. As it turns out, the local yakuza had turned it into a gambling house and laid claim to the entire area with the help of a cold-blooded killer named Akira (Hitomi Miwa). Akira is relentless, and utilizes cruel tactics when anyone dares get in her way. Inokuma decides to hide Asami with the very first yakuza hunter, Miki (Yumi Yoshiyuki).
Also Known AsSukeban Hunters 2
Directed by: Shinichi Okuda
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Year: 2010
Genre: Action
Release Name: Sukeban Hunters 2.2010.DVDRip.AC3.x264-LooKMaNe
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