Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Are The Night (2011) DVDScr

we are the night

Lena, a young girl from Berlin, keeps her head above water with small-scale thefts, all the while trying to stay ahead of Tom, the police officer who tries to arrest her. One night, she finds herself at an illegal rave, and meets Louise – a vampire over 200 years old who sees a chance for her long-lost love in Lena and decides to turn her into a vampire. Accompanied by Louise, Charlotte and Nora, Lena learns just what it means to be immortal – but things get complicated as Tom shows an unhealthy interest in the latest addition to the vampire trio. Suddenly, they have Berlin’s police close on their heels and somehow have to get them off track again. But Lena isn’t as comfortable with murder as her companions and her refusal just might prove to be (un)life-threatening for all of them…

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